Monday, 28 April 2014


The Scourging of the Lamb of God

“See, see-the execution of the sentence begins! The executioners fall upon the Holy One like a host of devils. They tear off His clothes; bind those hands which were ever stretched out to do good, tie them together behind His back, press His gracious visage firmly against the shameful pillar, and after having bound Him with ropes in such a manner that He can not move or stir, they begin their cruel task. O do not imagine that I am able to depict to you what now occurs. The scene is too horrible. My whole soul trembles and quakes. Neither wish that I should count to you the number of strokes which are now poured upon the sacred body of Immanuel, or describe the torments, which increasingly with every stroke, sufficed in other cases of this kind to cause the death of the unhappy culprit before the formal execution which this scourging usually preceded. It is enough for us to know that it lasted full quarter of an hour; streams of blood flow from His sacred form. The scourging continues without mercy. The arms of the barbarous men begin to grow weary. New tormentors release those that are fatigued. The scourges cut ever deeper into the wounds already made. His whole back appears an enormous wound.”

-From The Suffering Savior by F W Krummacher First Published in Edinburgh in 1856 Published by The Banner of Truth Trust 2004 Carlisle, PA.

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