Friday, 28 March 2014


Discouragement to Righteousness is from Satan

“1. If Satan tempts the people of God, that he may discourage them, then they have no reason to be discouraged because they are tempted by Satan. I say, if Satan’s great design, end and aim, in all temptations of the saints, be to discourage them, then they have no  reason to be discouraged because they are tempted, for then they would gratify Satan and fulfill his purpose. Now Satan does tempt that he may tempt; he tempts unto one sin, that he may tempt unto another. He tempts a man to sin against the law, that he may make him sin against the gospel. And what greater sin against the gospel than unbelieving discouragements? He knows or thinks that such and such a person is gone from his kingdom, and he says, Though I cannot hinder his salvation, for he will be saved do what I can, yet I will hinder his comfort and make him go heavily, and if I can but discourage him in his duty, I shall in time cause him to cast it off. His great design is to discourage; and therefore, whenever any godly man is tempted, he should say, well, seeing Satan’s design is to discourage, through the grace of Christ my design shall be to bear up my heart and spirit against all discouragements.”

-William Bridge from A Lifting up for the Downcast  1649  Republished by the Banner of Truth Trust Carlisle  PA  1995  Pp. 154-155.

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