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Distinctive of God:
God is perfectly good. All the perfection we can arrive at in this life is sincerity. We may resemble God a little, but not equal Him; He is infinitely perfect. Thomas Watson

Goal of the saints:
This is the sum of all; for he which can abstain not only from evil, but from the appearance of evil, is so perfect as a man can be in this sinful life. Henry Smith

This life was not intended to be the place of perfection, but the preparation for it. Richard Baxter

A prayer of the saints:
O good God, guide me by Thy holy hand, that I may keep myself within the lists of Christianity, being modest in apparel, moderate (in) diet, chaste and temperate in speech, sober in fashion and my ordinary deportment, respective to my superiors, amiable to my equals, without pride and insolency towards those that are below me, courteous and affable and yet without vanity and popularity towards all. Samuel Hieron"

-From A Puritan Golden Treasury Complied by I.D.E. Thomas Published by The Banner of Truth Trust Carlisle, PA 1997 Page 207

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