Friday, 12 July 2013


“A man’s heart plans his way,
But the Lord directs his steps.”
Proverbs 16:9 NKJV

We have been thrilled and blessed to see the Lord’s work in Church Planting over the years. At the time of this writing we’ve seen that over 150 churches and fellowships have been planted  in 7 African countries. Our part has been primarily to teach, train, encourage and disciple while our African friends have done the evangelism, planting and nurturing. One of our good friends, Pastor Aninias Irungu, has caught the vision and is actively teaching and encouraging fellow pastors to plant churches and has planted several churches himself. A friend of his, Mzee (which is a respectful word that means elder or older person and communicates due respect for elders), shared with us that he has dreamed of planting a church on his land in Adjumani in Northern Uganda for about 25 years. Mzee is a deacon in his church and he has attended our ACTION Pastor Training Fellowships. We all began to pray for Mzee and he began to tell us that he wanted our assistance to start the church soon and that his son who has attended a Bible College will pastor the church. Pastor Aninias and Mzee plan to travel to Adjumani for a week and encourage the new church which has begun meeting under a tree on Mzee’s land. The first meeting of the church was about 2 weeks ago and 3 people professed faith in the Lord then. Mzee has shared with us that our Lord has answered his prayer and given him his heart desire after 25 years and that wonderfully now; there is a church on his land which praises the glories and excellences of our Savior, the dear Lamb of God, Jesus Christ! Mzee planned his way and the Lord has directed his steps all in the Lord’s perfect time. He is obviously quite happy about this turn of events and thanks the Lord that this has happened. He and his wife plan to move home to Adjumani after many years of living in Kampala and now he will worship in the church located on his homeland.

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