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A Heart To Be Saved And Serve

"After this was over he made a solemn covenant with God. The date upon it is April 10, 18-. The other figures are obliterated; but the time must have been towards the close of the first decade of this century, or soon after. We can infer this from the reference in the above quotation to fifteen years of religious joy, which he did not experience until he came to Lleyn. The words of the covenant are these:-

8. I entreat Thee to enter into a covenant with me in the work of my ministry. Oh, prosper me, also as Thou didst prosper Harris, Rowlands, Whitefield, Bunyan, and Vavasor Powel. The impediments in the way of my success remove; work in me in every state of mind that is approved of God, in order to arrive at it. Give me a heart sick of love to Thee, and to the souls of men. Let me feel the power of Thy word before I preach it, as Moses felt the power of his rod before he saw its effect upon the land and the waters of Egypt. For the sake of Thy infinitely precious blood, grant me this. Amen.-C.E. O Jesus, my hope, and my all in all!

9. Search me now, and lead me in the midst of the paths of judgment. May I see in this world what I really am in Thy sight, that I might not find myself otherwise, when the light of eternity shall shine upon me, and when I open mine eyes in all the brightness of immortality. Amen.-C.E. Wash me in Thy redeeming blood.

10. Give me power to trust in Thee for food and raiment, and enable me to express my wants to Thee. May I enjoy Thy care over me as a covenant privilege, and not simply as the general care which Thou showest in feeding the ravens that perish, and clothing the lily that is cast into the oven but remember me as one of Thy family, and one of unworthy brethren. Amen.-C.E.

11. Take upon Thyself, O Jesus, to prepare me for death, for Thou art God, and Thy word is sufficient. If it be possible-but may Thy will be done-let me not linger long in sickness, nor die a sudden death, without bidding adieu to my brethren, but let me rather die after a short illness with my friends around me. May everything be put in order ready for that day of passing from one world to the other, so that there may be no confusion, no busting, no disorder, but a passing away in peace. Oh, grant me this, for the sake of Thine agony in the garden.
12. Grant, O blessed Lord, that I may not nourish or foster within myself any sin, which may cause Thee to cast me from the work of Thy sanctuary, may my days be no longer than my usefulness. May I never become, at the end of life, like a piece of furniture in a house, nothing but lumber in the way of others. Amen.-C.E.

13.I beseech Thee, my Saviour, to present these petitions of mine before Thy Father, and while I, with mortal hand, write them in my book on earth, do Thou write them in Thy book with Thy immortal pen. From the depths of Thy deserts and Thy boundless grace, and Thy usual tenderness towards Thy people, attach Thy name in Thy heavenly courts to these supplications of mine, and set Thine Amen to them, even as I set mine on my side of the covenant! Amen.- Christmas, Llangefini, Anglesey, April 10,18—.

After making this solemn covenant with his God, he writes: "After forming this covenant, I felt great calmness and perfect peace. I had the feelings of a poor man who has just come under the protection of the Royal Family, and has obtained an annual pension for life-the dreadful fear of poverty and want having left his house for ever; I felt the safety and shelter which the little chickens feel under the wings of the hen. This is what it is to abide under the shadow of the Almighty, and to hide under His wings until all dangers are past."

-Christmas Evans (born in 1766) Found in Some Of The Great Preachers Of Wales by Owen Jones, M.A Published by Tentmaker Publications England 1995

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