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A Heart To Be Saved And Serve

"After this was over he made a solemn covenant with God. The date upon it is April 10, 18-. The other figures are obliterated; but the time must have been towards the close of the first decade of this century, or soon after. We can infer this from the reference in the above quotation to fifteen years of religious joy, which he did not experience until he came to Lleyn. The words of the covenant are these:-

"1. I give to Thee, Jesus, who art the true God and Life eternal, my body and my soul, to deliver from sin and everlasting death; and do Thou bring me into life eternal. Amen.-C.E.

"2. I call the day, the sun, the earth, the trees, the stones, the bed I lie on, the table, the study, to witness the fact that I am coming to Thee, Saviour of sinners, to obtain rest for my soul from the thunders of guilt and the fear of eternity. Amen.-C.E.

"3. Believing in Thy power, I earnestly beseech Thee Thyself to give me a heart circumcised to love Thee, and a right spirit whereby I may seek Thy glory. Endow me with those principles that shall be recognized in the day of judgment, that I may not be utterly confounded as a hypocrite. Grant me this for the sake of Thy precious blood. Amen.-C.E.

"4. I beseech Thee, Jesus, declared the Son of God with power, for the sake of the agony of Thy death, to grant unto me a portion and a covenant right in Thy cleansing blood, Thy justifying righteousness, and Thy saving redemption. I crave for an interest in Thy blood, for Thy blood's sake, and in Thyself for the sake of Thy name, which Thou hast given among men. Amen.- C.E.

"5. O Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God, for the sake of Thy precious death, take my time and energy, and the gifts and talents I possess, which, with all my heart, I consecrate to Thy glory, and to the building up of Thy Church in the world, for worthy art Thou of the hearts and talents of all. Amen.-C.E.

"6. My great High Priest, by the authority of Thy High Court, ensure my usefulness as a preacher, and my piety as a Christian, like two gardens touching each other, in order that sin in my heart may not becloud my confidence in Thy righteousness; and that no foolish act of mine may blight my gifts, and wither them before the end of life. Keep Thine eye on me, and watch over me. Amen.-C.E. My Lord and my God for ever!

"7. I specially dedicate myself to thee, O Jesus, my Saviour, to keep me from the falls which come to the lot of many; that Thy name may not be blasphemed and injured with Thy cause; that my peace and confidence may not be impaired; and that Thy people may not be grieved, and Thy enemies hardened. Amen.-C.E."

-Christmas Evans (born in 1766) Found in Some Of The Great Preachers Of Wales by Owen Jones, M.A Published by Tentmaker Publications England 1995

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