Tuesday, 20 December 2011


Christ Our All

“What the sun is to the day, what the moon is to the night, what the dew is to the flower, such is Jesus Christ to us. What bread is to the hungry, clothes to the naked, the shadow of a great rock to the traveler in a weary land, such is Jesus Christ to us. What the husband is to the head is to the body, such is Jesus  Christ to us.”

“As the river seeks the sea, so Jesus, I seek thee! O let me find thee and melt my life into thine forever!”

“Bleeding and dying that we might neither bleed or die, descending that we might ascend, and wrapped in swaddling bands that we might be unwrapped of the grave clothes of corruption.”

“God is more glorified in the person of His Son than He would have been by an unfallen world.”

“This is the very essence of true religion-personally living with a personal Savior, personally trusting a personal Redeemer, personally crying out to a personal Intercessor, and receiving personal answers from a Person who loves us, and who manifests Himself to us.”
-C.H. Spurgeon

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