Friday, 9 September 2016


Revelation 4:1

“Notice the elder’s words of adoration: they said, Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory, and honor, and power, v. 11. They do not say, ‘We give Thee glory, and honor, and power’; for what can any creature pretend to give unto God? But they say, Thou art worthy to receive glory. In this they tacitly acknowledge that God is far all blessing and praise. He was worthy to receive glory, but they were not worthy to praise, nor be able to do it according to His infinite excellence.

We have the ground and reason of their adoration, which is threefold:

(1) He is the Creator of all things, the first cause; and none but the Creator of all things should be adored; no made thing can be the object of religious worship.

(2) He is the preserver of all things, and His preservation is a continual creation; they are created still by the sustaining power of God. All beings but God are dependent upon the will and power of God, and no dependent being must be set up as an object of religious worship. It is the best part of dependent beings to be worshippers, not to be worshipped.

(3) He is the final cause of all things: For Thy pleasure they are and were created. It was His will and pleasure to create all things; He was not put upon it by the will of another; there is no such thing as a subordinate creator that acts under and by the will and power of another. As God made all things at His pleasure, so he made them for His pleasure, to deal with them as He pleases and to glorify Himself by them one way or another.”

-Matthew Henry  Expositor, Commentator, Minister 1662-1714

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