Friday, 11 March 2016


God’s Trusted Providence

“January 22
The birds of the air
Matthew 6:26”

“Behold the fowls of the air. Here is an argument taken from God’s providence towards the inferior creatures, and their dependence, according to their capacities, upon that providence. Look upon the fowls, and learn to trust God for food (v.26), and disquiet not yourselves with thoughts of what you shall eat.
            Observe the providence of God concerning them. Look upon them and receive instruction. There are various sorts of fowls; they are numerous, some of them ravenous, but they are all fed; it is rare that any of them perish for want of food, even in winter. The fowls, as they are least as service to man, so they are least within his care; men often feed upon them, but seldom feed them; yet they are fed, we know not how, and some of them fed best in the hardest weather; and it is your heavenly Father that feeds them.
            But that which is especially observed here is, that they are fed without any care or project of their own; they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns. The ant indeed does, and the bee, and they are set before us as examples of prudence and industry; but the fowls of the air do not; they make no provision for the future themselves, and yet every day, as duly as the day comes, provision is made for them, and their eyes wait on God.
            Improve this for your encouragement to trust in God. Are you not better than they? Yes, certainly you are. The heirs of heaven are much better than the fowls of heaven; nobler and more excellent beings, and, by faith, they soar higher; they are of a better nature and nurture. You are dearer to God, and nearer, though they fly in the open firmament of heaven. He is their Maker and Lord, their Owner and Master; but besides all this, he is your Father, and in his account ye are of more value than many sparrows; you are his children, his first-born; now he that feeds his birds surely will not starve his babes. They trust your Father’s providence, and will not you trust it?”

-Matthew Henry  1662-1714  Minister and Author  From, A Closer Walk with God; daily readings from Matthew Henry; compiled by Martin Manser; (Daybreak Books—Zondervan Publishing House, Grand Rapids; 1987), Page 19.

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