Monday, 28 July 2014


The Loveliness of Christ

“It is the Lord’s kindness that He will take the scum
off us in the fire. Who knoweth how needful winnowing
is to us, and what dross we must want ere we enter into
the kingdom of God? So narrow is the entry to heaven,
that our knots, our bunches and lumps of pride, and selflove,
and idol-love, and world-love must be hammered off
us, that we may throng in, stooping low, and creeping
through that narrow and thorny entry.

O, what owe I to the file, to the hammer, to the
furnace of my Lord Jesus!

Why should I start at the plough of my Lord, that
maketh deep furrows on my soul? I know He is no idle
husbandman, He purposeth a crop.

Crosses are proclaimed as common accidents to all
the saints, and in them standeth a part of our communion
with Christ.

How sweet a thing were it for us to learn to make
our burdens light by framing our hearts to the burden, and
making our Lord’s will a law.

It is not the sunny side of Christ that we must look
to, and we must not forsake Him for want of that; but must
set our face against what may befall us, in following on,
till He and we through the briers and bushes on the dry
ground. Our soft nature would be borne through the
troubles of this miserable life in Christ’s arms. And it is
His wisdom, who knoweth our mould, that His bairns go
wet-shod and cold-footed to heaven.

There is nothing but perfect garden-flowers in
heaven, and the best plenishing that is there is Christ.

It is not a smooth and easy way, neither will your
weather be fair and pleasant; but whosoever saw the
invisible God and the fair city, makes no reckoning of
losses or crosses. In ye must be, cost you what it will; stand
not for a price, and for all that ye have, to win the castle;
the rights of it are won to you, and it is disponed to you,
in your Lord Jesus’s Testament; and see what a fair legacy
your dying Friend, Christ, hath left you: and there wanteth
nothing but possession.

O! men’s souls have no wings, and therefore night
and day they keep their nest and are not acquaint with

What can I say of Him?

Let us go and see.

I have little, little of Him; yet I long for more.”

-Samuel Rutherford  1600-1661  From The Loveliness of Christ  Published by Community Christian Ministries  Moscow, ID USA  Pages 10, 11. 

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