Saturday, 15 February 2014


Thankful to Serve

“Be particularly thankful, O my soul! That God hath made use of thee for the service of His church on earth. My God, my soul for this doth magnify Thee, and my spirit rejoiceth in the review of Thy great undeserved mercy. O what am I, whom Thou tookest up from the dunghill, or low obscurity, that I should live myself in the constant relish of Thy sweet and sacred truth, and with such encouraging success communicate it to others! That I may say, now my public work seems ended, that these forty-three of forty-four years I have no reason to think that ever I labored in vain! O with what gratitude must I look upon all places where I lived and labored; but, above all, that place which had my strength! I bless Thee for the great number of them gone to heaven, and for the continuance of piety, humility, concord, and peace, among them.

Also for all that by my writings have received any saving light and grace. O my God, let not my own heart be barren, while I labor in thy husbandry to bring others unto holy fruit! Let me not be a stranger to the life and power of that saving truth, which I have done do much to communicate to others! O let not my own words and writings condemn me, as void of that divine and heavenly nature and life, which I have said so much of in the world!”

-From Dying Thoughts by Richard Baxter  First Published in 1683  Published by The Banner of Truth Trust  Carlisle, PA  2004.

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