Thursday, 13 June 2013

God's Faithfulness

God’s Faithfulness

The Lord brought much encouragement to us recently through His work in our ministry components.  In the span of two days we saw the Lord arrange for four street boys to be reunited with their families. Street Kid Outreach leader, Pastor Sunday Kafeero, took the boys home to their district, Pallisa, and shared Christ’s gospel with the parents of one of the boys. They were touched that Sunday brought their boy home from Kampala’s streets, listened to the gospel and then professed faith in Christ. The boys had professed faith in Christ at the Day Shelter where they are served in Nsambya prior to their return home.
In the same two days we learned that God had started 17 churches with 413 people attending in the Ruhehgeri, Rwanda area as a result of our Sustainable Church Planting Conference there in April.
God also abundantly blessed our ACTION Pastor Training Fellowship (APTF) which met during that time as we enjoyed the teaching in Systematic Theology and learned that He had led a team of five of the pastors to evangelize together and five people professed faith in Christ as a result of their ministry. God’s grace enabled these pastors of different churches and ministries to work together at the suggestion of one pastor. 

Further encouragement came as a pastor who leads ACTION's work in Bible Clubs in public schools shared about God’s blessings in his work in teaching an evangelistic Bible study in that the lessons are received with great interest on the school’s and student’s parts. He shared that there have been professions of faith made and that in the next two weeks he plans to teach four-hundred students in two large schools about Jesus and salvation. The students who complete the study are awarded a New Testament and certificate of completion.

We’re also encouraged that our new website which communicates the gospel is being viewed by an increasing number of people.

How good the Lord is to bless us and to encourage us so! We see that our labor is not in vain and that some of the good fruit that He is producing through has been made visible in the ministry! We thank the Lord and bless His name! May He encourage you today by His faithfulness, grace and ability, friend! He is working to achieve His glorious purposes in grace and He cannot fail to do all that He intends to do in the lives of His people.

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