Saturday, 12 November 2011

A Prayer To The God Of My Life

“I will be to them a God; they shall be to me a people.” Jeremiah 30:22 NKJV.

Father, You are the true God and the God of Your people! By Your awesome grace we have become the people of God, the true and living God. There is no other god-the Lord is God, He is God! The Lord is God! We had no truth or God before Your sweet grace came to us. We served false gods, the evil one had deceived us and we served sin and demons and idols-and we felt in ourselves the misery of darkness and the self-destructiveness of those who do not know God and who do not worship the Blessed and only God. Father, I remember feeling that I could no longer endure my life and wickedness-my burden was too heavy. My sin crushed me and wore me down. I was not of Your people then. But You saw me in my distress, yes, in my blood and uncleanness-You saw my corruptions and evil heart of sin and unbelief. You saw my complete inability and my desperate need and You came to me. From heaven Your Spirit descended and came and indwelt me and You made me Yours. O how sweet to trust in Jesus, O how sweet to take Him at His word! I have been enlivened and led by Your Spirit since then, O Lord, and I thank you. Just as You led Israel, Your people, by fire and cloud, You have led me through this wasteland world and You have tended to me. You comfort and nourish me-You encourage and strengthen me-You prevail over all powers and people, things and beings, circumstances and events and You lead me in holy worship of Your name. O God, I cannot forget the great thing that you have done for me. You have drawn near me Father! You are God, my God and Father, and to be near You is my happiness. I am Yours and am one of Your people-I am one of the people of God! Father, give us more love for Your people, spiritual Israel. Consume us in Your holy fire and together we shall sing Your praises in unity as one people of God. The most wonderful thing that any man can experience, salvation and adoption by God, has become my blessing by Your grace! I am blessed in Your love. O give me grace and I will draw closer to You and remain in Your blessed Presence for I am Yours Lord. For Christ’s glory, Amen.

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