Saturday, 22 October 2011


Sweet Salvation!

“Christ is a great Savior to meet the great transgressions of great rebels. The vast machinery of redemption was never undertaken for a mean or little purpose. There must be a great end in so great a plan, carried out at so great an expense, guaranteed with such great promises, and intended to bring such great glory to God.

You have many troubles, but you will never have punishment. You may know affliction, but you shall never know wrath. You may go to the grave, but you shall never go to hell. You shall descend into the regions of the dead, but never into the regions of the damned. The evil one may bruise your heel, but he shall never break your head. You may be in prison under doubts, but you shall never be in prison under condemnation.

The greatest of all miracles is the salvation of a soul.
The most important question concerning any man living is this: Is he saved or not? Is he a child of God or an heir of wrath?

‘Oh,’ says one, ‘I would give my eyes for salvation.’ You shall have it without giving your eyes. Give your heart, no, but take the blessing freely, for freely it is given.

I have never despaired of the salvation of any man since the Lord saved me. I know no heart that God cannot win if He could conquer mine.

What we mean by salvation in this-deliverance from the love of sin, rescue from the habit of sin, setting free from the desire to sin.

That one word saved is enough to make the heart dance as long as life remains. ‘Saved!’ Let us hang our banners and set the bells ringing. Saved! What a sweet wound it is to the man who is wrecked and sees the vessel going down, but at that moment discovers that the lifeboat is near and will rescue him from the sinking ship. To be snatched from the devouring fire, or saved from fierce disease, just when the turning point has come, and death appears imminent, these are also occasions for crying ‘Saved!’ But to be rescued from sin and hell is a greater salvation still, and demands a louder joy. We will sing it in life and whisper it in death and chant it throughout eternity-saved by the Lord!

From Charles Spurgeon’s Writings

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